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Outcome focused retirement programs.

At CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions, it is our mission to recognize the powerful human story of the service and accomplishments of hardworking Americans, and help them meet their challenge in achieving a secure retirement. To do this, we provide an array of practical retirement solutions — that delivers the personal attention, customer-focused resources and guidance — needed to help real people save for the future and live retirement on their terms.

  • We offer the recordkeeping and plan administration services to simplify plan management and help ensure participants' success. This includes plan design, plan conversion, investment management, compliance testing, reporting, legislative updates, distribution services, audit and fiduciary support, and plan health reports.
  • Our outcome focused employee education platform features RetireOnTarget®. This tool provides plan participants a real-time view of their progress towards their retirement savings goals making planning easy — and unavoidable.
  • Our ClearDirection® suite of retirement programs offers everything from fully managed to open architecture investment platforms designed to meet the needs of any employer.

Meet the Team

1CRPC® is a registered service mark of the College for Financial Planning®

Strategic Accounts

Our strategic fund family alliances provide much more than investment options. They provide consulting support, training and education for employees, sponsors and advisors.

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The Guaranteed Account

Balance the need for investment income and security with the Guaranteed Account. This investment enables employees to diversify their retirement portfolio while providing consistent returns.

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Consultant Access Portal

A powerful plan management and custom reporting tool.

In order to help employees save more for retirement, they need help. And with the right information you can provide real-time feedback and encouragement to employees, letting them know if they’re on track and what to do if they’re not. The Consultant Access Portal (CAP) helps simplify plan management by providing you the ability to efficiently and effectively monitor activity and build targeted communications for participants to increase their engagement and success.

CAP Login Access

For help navigating this website, please call 800.279.9916 ext. 847.3274, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM CT.

Mutual Fund Query

Matrix RetireTool(k)it® provides complimentary access for all of your mutual fund research needs. RetireTool(k)it is a third-party tool provided by Broadridge/Matrix Financial Solutions which helps with the selection of any daily traded funds for your retirement plan. Quarterly fund performance reporting is also available to assist you with the important task of ongoing due diligence and monitoring.

Our customers strongly preferred Matrix RetireTool(k)it over the Mutual Fund Query research tool capabilities so we have decided to make RetireTool(k)it available to all our customers. We retired the Mutual Fund Query on February 7, 2014.

If you would like a tour and/or obtain login access, please contact our employee solutions team to help get you started. Please call 800.279.9916, ext. 847.3274 to schedule a tour or email EducationSolutions@cunamutual.com.

Win and retain business.

Retirement plan advisors are at the center of our training and development programs. You will benefit from comprehensive marketing support and turnkey solutions designed to enhance efficiencies and increase production. Following are two exclusive opportunities to help you optimize your business:

  • Retirement Advisor Institute — The institute offers a variety of educational resources including workshops, sales strategies, and best practices from the industry's top retirement plan advisors to help you win more business.
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